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Contract Disputes

Commercial Dispute

Contract Disputes – Commercial dispute incorporates dispute emerging from, for instance, an instalment default on the conveyance of merchandise or a dispute concerning the instalment and additionally conclusion of tasks.

Generally, a dispute settlement condition in a business contract demonstrates the gathering at which a current or a future question ought to be settled. This can be a neighbourhood court by means of a case according to the concurred material law or a discretion court according to the concurred mediation rules. Without such question settlement proviso, tenets of universal private law choose in which purview and at which discussion a case can be brought.

Types of Commercial Disputes

Each Commercial dispute, however, minor it might appear at the time, can possibly turn into a troublesome, and costly, claim. In today’s business surroundings, your best strategy is to have an intense business prosecution lawyer on your side.

The business case is an umbrella term that covers various unmistakable business-related issues and question. The different business dispute is:-

Contract Disputes Solicitors

Contract dispute can emerge in various circumstances — from a provider’s inability to convey products to your organization as indicated by the terms of your consent to a question with a previous representative over a non-contend assertion or business contract.

Tortious Interference

By and large, business torts are cases for either purposeful or careless wrongdoing in a business relationship. These cases can be constructed either in light of statutes or on a precedent-based law. One such tort is known as impedance with contractor obstruction with imminent financial preferred standpoint.

Antitrust and trade regulation

By and large, antitrust laws forbid anticompetitive conduct and unreasonable business phones that mischief buyers and organizations. Two of the primary government antitrust laws are the Sherman Act and the Robinson-Patman Act.

  • Section 1 of the Sherman Act precludes any agreement, blend or scheme that limits exchange absurdly.
  • Section 2 of the Sherman Act makes it unlawful for organizations to consume or endeavour to hoard exchange or business.

RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act)

The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act was passed in 1970 to battle sorted out wrongdoing. Today, it has a much more extensive application and has been utilized by organizations, people, and philanthropies.

Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)

The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) oversees business exchanges. The UCC is isolated into the accompanying articles:

  • General arrangements
  • Sales
  • Leases
  • Commercial paper
  • Bank stores and accumulations
  • Funds exchanges; letters of credit
  • Bulk exchanges
  • Warehouse receipts
  • Bills of filling
  • Other archives of title
  • Speculation securities
  • Secured exchanges
  • Sales of records
  • Chattel papers. One of the huge articles from a business viewpoint is Article 2, which represents contracts for the offer of merchandise.

The UCC characterizes a deal as an agreement in which title to products goes from the vendor to the purchaser at a cost. Products are by and large all things that are versatile at the season of the agreement for the deal. The UCC gives guidelines to deals contract development, alteration, execution, and cures. Furthermore, the UCC represents deals guarantees, critical to most gatherings required in deals.

Corporate Disputes

Organizations, including associations and corporations, can confront, a various lawful debate that falls under the umbrella of business prosecution. There could be a question among the accomplices or shareholders of a business. The corporate suit that tries to test mergers, acquisitions, and financing game plans are additionally normal.

Speak to a commercial litigation lawyer

There are many types of commercial litigation. In addition to the types of disputes listed above, franchise dispute, debt collection actions, consumer fraud matters and employment disputes also fall under the heading of commercial litigation

Contract Disputes

A Contract Dispute happens when any gathering in an agreement has a contradiction with respect to any of the agreement terms or definitions. All together for an agreement to be legitimate, there must be a “meeting of the psyches.”

A Contract Dispute is normally viewed as a rupture of an agreement, implying that a gathering neglected to play out an obligation or guarantee that they consented to in the agreement. There are two distinct sorts of agreement ruptures: Material Breach and Minor Breach.

  • Material Breach: A material breach of a contract occurs when a party fails to perform a contractual duty and the breach is so crucial and deep that it makes the agreement or purpose of the contract irreparable.
  • Minor Breach: A minor breach occurs when there is a breach of contract by a party, but the breach is minor and does not disrupt the heart of the contract. When a minor breach occurs, both parties must still carry out the remainder of the contract, but the non-breaching party may sue for damages.

Types of Commercial Disputes

Non-Compete Agreements

Employment issues constitute a significant portion of business contract disputes. Business owners generally hire employees based on the condition that they won’t work for the benefit of competitor businesses.

Company Contracts

Businesses frequently rely on written agreements to articulate the details of their projects or services to one another. These contracts can include specific deadlines, deliverables, and standards that pertain to the understanding of any business agreement. When someone doesn’t uphold this agreement, a contract dispute can arise to settle the different perspectives

Consumer Problems

Generally, customer service is a top priority for any business in any industry. Therefore it’s usually in the best interest of a company to settle disagreements with their clients out of court.

General Liability

Any injuries that occur on a business property have the potential to result in legal dispute, usually in the form of a lawsuit for injury and damage. This is one of the most dangerous dispute cases for businesses and can result in serious payments to satisfy claims of damage or injury.

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Please feel free to contact our Team of Regulatory lawyers who specialize in all the above-described matters related to Commercial and Contract Disputes. Here MB Law Solicitors provide you with experienced solicitors.

Contract Disputes

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Insurance Disputes

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Insurance Dispute Solicitors London

Insurance Dispute – Insurance is an agreement obtained by people and organizations to deal with their danger of death toll, home, auto, property or whatever the Insurance was bought to cover. Buyers pay an expense (premium) for an arrangement/contract while the insurance agency consents to repay the buyer for money related misfortune because of one of the conditions secured by the strategy.

Insurance Dispute

Insurance dispute may arise where an insurer declines to meet requirements related to claim submitted under a policy.Insurance cover can be declined for many reasons; the following are some reasons held responsible for that:

  • Breach of warranty
  • Breach of condition precedent
  • Misrepresentation and non-disclosure

Our team at MB Law Ltd always acts on to get rights for policyholders in claims against the insurer and has all required experience in all types of disputes. We can advise and assist you in matters related to commercial as well as personal insurance. We have a distinctive experience if in case any dispute i.e. insurance dispute arise about:

  • Critical illness cover
  • Property Insurance
  • Combined risk cover
  • Income protection cover

Types of Insurance 

There are different types of issuance available. Listed below are the major types:

Life Insurance

  • It is somewhat shared security between a protected individual and an insurance agency wherein you pay a specific measure of cash as premiums on the month to month, the yearly or quarterly premise to an insurance agency.
  • The insurance agency, consequently, secures you against future consequences, for example, misfortune or harm is done to you, your relatives and property.
  • Life Insurance strategies do not offer hazard scope; you can likewise obtain cash against specific approaches. These arrangements accompany a lot of advantages, for example, passing advantages, development advantages, and tax reductions.

Health Insurance

  • It gives you Insurance you against the therapeutic expenses brought about in hospitalization because of disease or mischance, nursing care, surgeries, discussion, symptomatic tests, emergency vehicle benefit, healing facility settlement, doctor’s visit expenses and so on.
  • The just thing you need to do to profit these advantages is to buy a health coverage strategy by paying a specific measure of premium to your Insurance supplier occasionally.

Car Insurance

  • Car Insurance is intended to spare the proprietor of a vehicle from the frequently rich budgetary obligation that is set to happen when his/her valued vehicle meets with an unfortunate mishap or is considered lost.
  • Accidents come in various structures both regular and man-made, with a vigorous Auto Insurance approach giving extensive Insurance against both these unexpected occasions.

Two Wheeler Insurance

  • The bikes greatly dwarf four wheelers. Subsequently, for most people, a vigorous bike Insurance approach that secures their bicycles or bikes against regular or man-made mishaps is a basic venture.
  • Almost all safety net providers offer bike Insurance as a need offering in their munitions stockpile of items with the extra choice of particular extra covers that consider conditions that aren’t represented by the primary arrangement.

Travel Insurance

  • Travelling is one of the humanity’s most prominent interests, and a powerful travel Insurance strategy guarantees that travel experiences that have left hand don’t paw you back fiscally.
  • Offering complete Insurance against such occurrences as loss of things, international ID and excursion cancellation to significant medicinal issues and unanticipated dangers while voyaging abroad, a thorough travel Insurance arrangement is a willing wayfarer’s closest companion. Also, obtaining Travel Insurance online is a breeze and a contributing element to its enduring notoriety.

Home Insurance

  • Home Insurance approaches are along these lines, an essential speculation.
  • Providing you round the clock Insurance against budgetary liabilities emerging from harm acquired by your home and additionally its substance, a great home Insurance strategy is the mindful mortgage holder’s closest companion.

Re-Insurance Solicitors

Reinsurance is Insurance bought by an insurance agency from other insurance agencies to deal with their hazard. It secures against fundamentally substantial cases or fiascos, permitting the insurance agency to cover more people without dread of chapter 11 ought to a calamity happen, bringing about numerous policyholders documenting claims at one time. In some reinsurance courses of action, a few Insurance suppliers pool their arrangements and partition the hazard among various Insurance suppliers, here and there comprehensively.

Types of Re-Insurance

There are different types of re- issuance available in the UK. Listed below are the major types:

Facultative Coverage

This sort of arrangement ensures a protection supplier just for an individual, or a predetermined hazard, or contract. On the off chance that there are a few dangers or contracts that should have been reinsured, everyone must be arranged independently. The reinsurer has all the privilege to acknowledge or deny a facultative reinsurance proposition.

Reinsurance Treaty

Dissimilar to a facultative strategy, an arrangement sort of scope is as a result for a predefined timeframe, instead of on a for every hazard, or contract premise. For the term of the agreement, the reinsurer consents to cover all or a segment of the dangers that might be acquired by the insurance agency being secured.

Proportional Reinsurance

Under this kind of scope, the reinsurer will get a customized share of the premiums of the considerable number of approaches sold by the insurance agency being secured. Subsequently, when cases are made, the reinsurer will likewise bear a bit of the misfortune. The proportion of the premiums and misfortunes that will be shared by the reinsurer will be founded on a concurred rate.

Non-proportional Reinsurance

In a non-proportional type of coverage, the reinsurer will only get involved if the insurance company’s losses exceed a specified amount, which is referred to as priority or retention limit. Hence, the reinsurer does not have a proportional share in the premiums and losses of the insurance provider. The priority or retention limit may be based on a single type of risk or an entire business category.

Excess-of-Loss Reinsurance

This is a form of non-proportional coverage. The reinsurer will only cover the losses that exceed the insurance company’s retained limit. However, what makes this type of contract unique is that it is typically applied to catastrophic events.

Risk-Attaching Reinsurance

Under this type of contract, all policy claims that are established during the effective period of the reinsurance coverage will be covered, regardless of whether the losses occurred outside the coverage period.

Loss-occurring Coverage

This is a type of treaty coverage where the insurance company can claim all losses that occur during the reinsurance contract period. The important factor to consider is when the losses have occurred and not when the claims have been made.

Who can You contact for advice? | MB Law Ltd Solicitors can help You Regarding This

Please feel free to contact our Team of Regulatory lawyers who specialize in all the above-described matters related to Insurance and reinsurance matters, Insurance Dispute. Here MB Law Solicitors provide you with experienced solicitors.

Insurance Dispute

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Dispute Resolution

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 Please call our Dispute Resolution Lawyers on +44 (0) 208 863 3666 or email us at for assistance on  Debt Recovery • Property, Construction and Lease Disputes • Contract Disputes • Employment Disputes • Regulatory Disputes.

Dispute Resolution is a procedure for settling contracts between at least two gatherings or gatherings. In a business phone, the determination looks to accomplish decency for all members and is regularly directed by an outsider. There is regularly a Dispute determination provision in contracts that characterizes how a difference is to be settled.

Dispute determination, for the most part, alludes to one of a few unique procedures used to determine question between gatherings, including transaction, Arbitration, assertion, shared law, and case. Dispute determination is the way toward settling a question or a contention by meeting, at any rate, some of every side’s needs and tending to their interests.

Dispute resolution strategies include –

  • Fostering a rapport
  • Considering interests and values separately
  • Appealing to overarching values
  • Indirect confrontation.

Why Use Dispute Resolution?

Dispute determination forms have a few favorable circumstances. For example,

  • Many Dispute determination procedures are less expensive and speedier than the customary lawful process.
  • Certain procedures can furnish the gatherings required with a more prominent interest in achieving an answer and also more control over the result of the question.
  • Dispute determination procedures are less formal and have more adaptable principles than the trial court.

Sorts of question determination

There are three fundamental sorts of question determination –


The objective of Mediation is for a nonpartisan outsider to help disputants come to an agreement all alone. As opposed to forcing an answer, an expert goes between works with the clashing sides to investigate the premiums hidden their positions. Arbitration can be viable at permitting gatherings to vent their emotions and completely investigate their grievances.

Working with gatherings together and in some cases independently, go-betweens attempt to help them pound out a determination that is supportable, willful, and nonbinding.

Characteristics of Mediation:

  • Promotes correspondence and participation
  • Provides a reason for you to determine question all alone
  • Voluntary, casual and adaptable
  • Private and classified, maintaining a strategic distance from open divulgence of individual or business issues
  • Can diminish threatening vibe and safeguard progressing connections
  • Allows you to stay away from the vulnerability, time, cost and worry of going to trial
  • Allows you to make commonly satisfactory understandings custom-made to address your issues
  • Can result in a win-win arrangement


In Arbitration, an impartial outsider serves as a judge who is in charge of settling the question. The mediator listens as every side contends its case and displays important proof, then renders a coupling choice. The disputants can arrange for all intents and purposes any part of the mediation procedure, including whether legal counselors will be available and which models of proof will be utilized. Referees hand down choices that are typically private and that can’t be requested. Like Arbitration, discretion has a tendency to be a great deal less costly than the case.

Attributes of Arbitration:

  • Can be utilized willfully
  • Private (unless the restricted court bid is made)
  • Maybe less formal and organized than going to court, contingent upon appropriate discretion rules
  • Usually faster and less costly than going to court, contingent upon pertinent mediation rules
  • Each gathering will have the chance to present proof and make contentions
  • May have the privilege to pick a judge with specific aptitude
  • A choice will be made by the mediator which may resolve the Dispute and be last
  • Arbitrator’s honor can be authorized in a court
  • If nonbinding, regardless you have the privilege to a trial


The most well-known sort of question determination, common Litigation normally includes a respondent going head to head against an offended party under the watchful eye of either a judge or a judge and jury. The judge or the jury is in charge of measuring the proof and making a decision. Data passed on in hearings and trials as a rule enters the general population record. Legal counselors regularly overwhelm Litigation, which frequently closes in a settlement assertion amid the pretrial time of disclosure and arrangement.

Attributes of Litigation:

  • Involuntary – a respondent must partake (no decision)
  • Formal and organized guidelines of confirmation and technique
  • Each party has the chance to present its confirmation and contention and interview the opposite side – there are procedural protections
  • Public – court procedures and records are open
  • The choice depends on the law
  • The choice can be last and authoritative
  • Right of bid exists
  • Losing gathering may pay costs

Who can You contact for advice? | MB Law Ltd Solicitors can help You Regarding This

Please feel free to contact our Team of Regulatory lawyers who specialize in all the above-described matters related to Dispute Resolution. Here MB Law Ltd Solicitors provide you with experienced solicitors.

Dispute Resolution

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Debt Recovery

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Feel free to call our Debt Recovery Process Lawyers at 24×7 Emergency: 07737996126 -or- 07940234801 

Debt Recovery – Debt is a measure of cash acquired by one gathering from another. Debt is utilized by numerous organizations and people as a technique for making vast buys that they couldn’t manage the cost of under ordinary conditions. A Debt game plan gives the getting party authorization to obtain cash under the condition that it is to be paid back at a later date, generally with premium.

A Debt by and large alludes to something owed by one gathering, the borrower or indebted person, to a moment gathering, the loan specialist or bank. The borrower or indebted person might be a sovereign state or nation, neighborhood government, organization, or a person. The moneylender or lease might be a bank, charge card organization, payday credit supplier, or a person.

Debt Recovery Procedure

These means can be utilized as an acceleration procedure to contact your clients around a remarkable instalment from cordial update through to letter of interest and awful Debt gathering.

Know there are directions for reaching your clients for the past due instalments, allude to Consumer Affairs Victoria for a rundown of the banned practices for Debt accumulation External connection (opens in the same window)

Contact with a friendly payment reminder

Once the instalment is past due telephone, email the client with a kindness update. The client may have overlooked, paid into the wrong ledger or other minor issue and your contact will be sufficient to get the receipt paid. Incorporate your instalment choices, keeping money subtle elements and contact data to make it less demanding for your client to pay you rapidly.

Contact with an overdue payment reminder

On the off chance that the instalment stays exceptional and the client has missed the following concurred instalment date, or there has been no contact, telephone the client or send another email or letter indication of the cash owing and ask for instalment.

Contact your customer with a final notice

At the point when the client has not paid according to the terms of instalment and has missed any developed instalment dates pick up call or email them to talk about the remarkable receipt and demand instalment.

Try to make direct contact with your customer

In the event that there is still no instalment or reaction consider going by the client face to face (or calling them if past contact has been by means of email) to request instalment. This occasionally makes an individual association with the client that could be valuable for future instalments.

Send a formal letter of demand

If all endeavors to get in touch with them have fizzled, think about sending a letter of interest. This ought to be just done if all else fails, as it can harm your association with the client.

On the off chance that despite everything you haven’t been paid, then may think about utilizing as a Debt gathering organization to gather the exceptional cash from your client. It is valuable to check a rundown of reasonable Debt accumulation homes, created by Consumer Affairs so you know the limits of Debt gathering.

Approaches to maintaining a strategic distance from terrible Debt happening

To lessen the likelihood of client terrible Debt in your business you can:

  • Perform an exhaustive historical verification on a business before offering credit
  • Set safe client credit limits
  • Only discharge merchandise when instalment has cleared
  • Wait for direct store instalment to clear before transportation any products
  • Send solicitations out when a vacation is finished, or on a standard date
  • Clearly, express all instalment choices and data on your solicitations or contracts to make it simpler for clients to pay you
  • Keep customary contact with your clients
  • Offer a little rate rebate for early instalment of bills
  • If you’re a provider, enrol and direct property looks on the Personal Property Security Register External connection (opens in the same window) (PPSR) to recoup products that haven’t  been paid for.

It is a decent practice to obviously diagram toward the start of a client relationship your normal terms of exchange and instalment.

Utilize our beneath ‘New client engagement letter format’ when joining another client. This incorporates terms of exchange passage you can use to incorporate receipt dates, any extra charges for late instalments and Debt gathering strategies.

Who can You contact for advice? | MB Law Ltd Solicitors can help You Regarding This

Please feel free to contact our Team of Regulatory lawyers who specialize in all the above-described matter related to Debt recovery matters. Here MB Law Solicitors provide you with experienced solicitors.

Debt Recovery

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Property Disputes

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Property Disputes Solicitors

Property Disputes / Ownership Disputes –  can be created by a scope of conditions, including legacy, separate, co-home assertions and purchasing property with companions or family. The most widely recognized property possession question include family breakdown, however – which may include the mastery of family legal advisors and property legal counsellors to determine a property proprietorship or co-possession issue.

Second or multiple espousements are withal a prevalent cause of co-ownership property disputes, especially after family bereavements when a case of contested probate involving a family property might occur.

For habituates being a custom-based law companion can likewise mean not having a partake in an accomplice’s property – unless it can be demonstrated that:

  • The parties intended to share the equity in a property
  • The non-owner made a significant contribution to mortgage repayments and/or renovations
  • The now –owner has invested or loaned capital for the purposes of the property
  • The non-owner made a significant contribution to household expenses; or
  • The non-owner contributed any of these on the understanding – even if misguided – that they were entitled to a share of the property.

Having investment in a venture portfolio property with different gatherings can likewise prompt to a co-possession property question – and as these cases may include a property bought as business speculation, taking lawful counsel to ensure your interests at an early phase of the debate is significant to understanding your venture and avoiding budgetary misfortune.

Common co-ownership disagreements include:

  • Issues regarding property maintenance such as lawn care, painting and remodeling needs
  • Noise, smell and other nuisance claims
  • Issues involving pets
  • Disputes surrounding tenants, sublets, and short-term rentals
  • Disputes surrounding the purpose and use of shared spaces
  • Unauthorized improvements
  • Disputes surrounding the payment and use of homeowners association dues

Section 44

This Transfer of Property Act, 1882, deals with transfers by one co-owner. It also deals with the rights of a transferee in this type of a transaction. This act focuses on –

  • Who is a co-owner
  • What are the rights and liabilities of a transferee under this section
  • Can a co-owner make a transfer without the consent of other co-owners
  • What is a dwelling house and undivided family for the purpose of this section?


Transfer By One Co-Owner- Where one of two or more co-owners of immovable property legally competent in that behalf transfers his share of such property or any interest therein, the transferee acquires, as to such share or interest, so far as is necessary to give effect to the transfer, the transferor’s right to joint possession or other common or part enjoyment of the property, and to enforce a partition of the same, but subject to the conditions and liabilities affecting, at the date of the transfer, the share or interest so transferred.
Where the transfer of a share of a dwelling house belonging to an undivided family is not a member of the family, nothing in this section shall be deemed to entitle him to joint possession or other common or part enjoyment of the house.

Proprietorship comprises of an incalculable number of cases, freedoms, powers as to the thing possessed. Possession is of various types. There are outright and constrained, sole possession, co-proprietorship, vested possession, unforeseen possession, moral, spiritual. At the point when a man possesses a property at one time it is called sole proprietorship, however in the event that the property is claimed by more than one individual then it is called joint possession. By the method, for a segment, one can have co-possession changed into a sole proprietorship.

The expression co-proprietor is sufficiently wide to incorporate a wide range of possession, for example, joint tenure, Tenancy in like manner, Coparcenaries, enrollment of unified Hindu family, and so on. The very actuality of the reference to the property that the gatherings have certain shares shows that they are co-proprietors. In Indian Law, a co-proprietor is qualified for three basics of possession

  • Right to ownership
  • Right to appreciate
  • Right to arrange

Who can You contact for advice? | MB Law Ltd Solicitors can help You Regarding This

Please feel free to contact our Team of Regulatory lawyers who specialize in all the above-described matters related to Property Disputes, Ownership Disputes & Shares in the property. Here MB Law Solicitors provide you with experienced solicitors.

Property Disputes

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Property Law Solicitors

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Property Law Solicitors

English Property Law

English Property Law refers to the law of acquisition, protection, and sharing of valuable assets in the England and Wales. Because the United Kingdom is the part of this law, many elements of the Scots property law may vary. In the England, property law mainly encompasses four main concerns:

  • English Trusts Law
  • English Personal Property Law
  • The United Kingdom intellectual property law
  • English Land Law or ‘Real Property’ law

What we provide you with

  • To record the term of an agreement in a legal document.
  • Advise our clients on their responsibilities as well as rights in leasehold relationship and how to take appropriate actions if some problem arises.
  • Prepare a detailed report for the buyer and anyone lending money to some person.
  • Take appropriate steps to register new owners and protect the interest of investors or lenders.
  • Help developers get all the necessary permissions to alter, build or change the permitted use of properties.
  • Managing property portfolio investments and advice on real estate funds.

 Realities of Real Estate

  • Property lawyer has to do multi-task. A property deal could involve many hundreds of properties, and your caseload may contain scores of files, all at different stages in the process.
  • Good drafting skills must require attention to details and a detailed thought to be implemented in drafting a legal document.
  • The job of property solicitor may require some site visits, this is mainly a desk job with a lot of time to be spent on the phone with other solicitors, civil servants, estate agents, and consultants.
  • As a property solicitor, your days will be busy and may be predictable than in other transactional practices.

Challenges faced by Real Estate Buyers and Sellers

We understand that buying a new house is a major ‘life decision’. We are committed to making the whole process as straightforward as possible.

The cost of purchasing a property, there are some associated costs that may form part of this process. You are likely to pay for a number of searches, have a survey on the property carried out as well as the legal cost for conveyancing. Many of these costs accumulate before the purchase of the property will go through. In the majority of instances if you start the legal conveyancing process on the property you will be liable for these costs which may incur out of certain legal processes.

Who can You contact for advice? | MB Law Ltd Solicitors can help You Regarding This

Please feel free to contact our Team of Regulatory lawyers who specialize in all the above-described matters related to Property Law. Here MB Law Solicitors provide you with experienced solicitors.

property law


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Mortgage Fraud Solicitors

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Mortgage Fraud Solicitors at MB Law Ltd can provide you immediate assistance or free initial advice

If you are accused of committing a Fraud. Please call us on our 24×7 Emergency: 07737996126 -or- 07940234801 for our mortgage fraud solicitors or for more details

Mortgage Fraud Solicitors– Mortgage Fraud has now become a severe issue these days and the clear evidence of mortgage fraud suppose to be recognized with the help of certain misconceptions between the actual terms offered by the mortgage lender.

Mortgage fraud is a crime in which the intent is to omit information or materially misrepresent on a mortgage loan application to obtain a loan or to obtain a larger loan than could have been achieved and either lender or borrower knows the reality.

Classification of Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage Frauds can be classified into several types. These type of frauds can happen by the misconception of the actual information as well as data to gain more and more mortgage contracts injudiciously.
Mortgage fraud is not to be sophisticated with rapacious mortgage lending. Mortgage fraud occurs when a consumer is misled or deceived by an agent of the lender. However, rapacious lending practices often co-exist with mortgage fraud.

The Fraud Act 2006 often referred to save the general public from such frauds and the need of the hour is to coach them on the basic components of mortgage frauds as real estate fraud, and the way such frauds happens would guide the general masses to identify them and nip them from the bud.

Background of Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage Fraud has continued to increase since the release of the first mortgage fraud White Paper in 2005. Declining economic conditions, liberal underwriting standards, and declining housing values contributed to the increased level of fraud. Market participants are perpetrating mortgage fraud by modifying old schemes, such as property flip, builder-bailout, and short sale fraud, as well as employing newer schemes, such as buy and bail, reverse mortgage fraud, loan modification, mortgage servicing fraud and refinance fraud.

Brokers have played a critical role in the wholesale loan origination process and have a significant influence on the total loan transaction. Brokers have served as the point of contact for the borrower and the lender and coordinated the involvement of other parties to complete the transaction. A broker can perform some or most of the loan processing functions. But not limited to, taking loan applications, ordering credit and title reports, verifying a borrower’s income and employment etc.

Once the broker has gathered the necessary information, the application is submitted along with supporting documentation to one or more financial institutions for underwriting. The financial institution’s underwriter reviews the information and makes a credit decision. The financial institution also may perform pre-funding quality assurance activities, such as verification of income and employment.

Types of Mortgage Fraud


It takes place in case of an individual buyer of a house through a mortgage scheme, who takes the opportunity to have a higher mortgage than they should be supposed to get. They do this kind of happening by providing information which is untrue, unreal or by failing to provide certain information which by law they should be required to disclose.

This type of fraud happens due to following circumstances

• The individual’s income, identity, employment, and other debt obligations.
• The price to be paid and whether any payments have been or will be made directly between the seller and the purchaser.
• The other sources of funds for the purchase other than the mortgage.
• The value of the property.


As from the name we can depict that this fraud is committed on a larger scale than opportunistic mortgage frauds. And involves several properties, often being committed by criminal groups.

This fraud happens due to following reasons:-

  1. The nominated purchasers who are taking out the mortgage will often have no beneficial interest in the property.
  2. In many cases, the mortgage payments are not met. Often when this is the case, the properties deteriorate and are simply used for other criminal activities – these activities often center on drug production, prostitution, and unlicensed gambling.

Who can You contact for advice? | MB Law Ltd Solicitors can help You Regarding This

Please feel free to contact our Team of Regulatory lawyers who specialize in all the above-described matter related to Mortgage Fraud. Here MB Law Ltd Solicitors provide you with experienced solicitors to all parts of London namely Hounslow, Uxbridge, Ealing, Kingston, Sutton, Harrow, Wood Green, Leyton, West End, Knights Bridge, Croydon, Bromley, Greenwich, Poplar, Ilford, Romford, Redbridge, Westminster, Brent, Islington, Havering, Barnet, Enfield, Wandsworth, Southwark, Barking and Dagenham, Bexley, Newham, Lewisham, Camden, Barnet, Havering, Merton, Hammersmith and Fulham, Hillingdon, etc.

Mortgage fraud

Mortgage fraud

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Fraud Law Solicitors at MB Law Ltd can provide you immediate assistance or free initial advice

If you are accused of committing a Fraud. Please call us on our 24×7 Emergency: 07737996126 -or- 07940234801 for our fraud law solicitors or for more details

Fraud Law Solicitors– Fraud is an unlawful and illegal way of getting the benefits from the authorities or the people through malicious activities. The frauds are of different kinds but there’s only one common relation among all these frauds, that all are done with the intentions to take away the benefit of the people in any way either by guiding them to do anything wrong or hacking on them for the purpose.

Fraud Law in London

The fraud could be done in various forms either by just misguiding for becoming the victim of any bitter agreement, forcefully get away the precious things without letting anyone know about that. According to the report published in the Guardian that the large population in the UK had lost more than 300 billion dollars every year and this isn’t too small amount which could be easily shifted aside in the mind. For protecting such an amount the government of UK works very hard to implement Fraud Law and to safeguard the people from these frauds. And all possible legal limitations and support are made in the form of different Acts or Laws! Contact our Fraud Law solicitors for further details.

Mortgage Fraud

Benefit Fraud

Money Laundering

Investment Fraud


Pension Fraud

Public Sector Fraud

Boiler Room Fraud

Bribery and Corruption

For the people how could the Civil Fraud exist and in which possible forms:

  • If someone tries to follow some sort of bogus scheme or agreement which seems to be beneficial at very the first instance then this could be the case of fraud and get erect at that time and just try to find that the person or organization is offering valid schemes and ask him for some further legal verification of that scheme. Try not to get into the words of anyone so easily but rather go for verification before getting into the deals. All frauds in the UK come under The Fraud Act 2006. Click here to get in touch with our fraud law solicitors
  • Through Online business, thousands of people lost their money because of fraudulent websites. If you are going to buy anything or want some services via online portal then be sure to first confirm that the website is totally safe and there are no malicious activities such as hacking, phishing etc is going on for gaining access to your bank credentials. This is possible that you could lose your access to the bank accounts after making up the transactions on the malicious websites made especially to trap innocent people, so be sure to go with the verified sites having https://(secure link) on the browser URL. Speak to our specialist fraud law solicitors now.
  • Mortgage Fraud is one of the frauds which are more commonly done among the people to misrepresent the information in mortgage loan application in order to obtain larger loan amount. It is easy to execute fraud and get the direct benefits. If you are also going into any such deal regarding your property, mortgage etc then try to update and alert your doings, so that they can’t intervene in the eyes of Law.
  • Never ever give your documents or identity proofs to anybody only after getting into their false statements, first of all, try to verify and authenticate the authority or the company asking you for the personal details and then only provide them with your credentials or the identity proofs. If any misleading authority would get hands on your identity documents then make sure that you would have to go through the hard times!

The law could be there all the times to help you in a case of frauds that happens to you but make sure that prevention is much better than acting against frauds. You could easily protect yourself from such type of fraud if you remain updated about all your doings, if you doesn’t prove to be strong enough there then the government have the power to act for your safeguard. In case if you see any kind of fraud authority or individual performing illegal acts through fraud then visit the police station soon as this could save you from these frauds!

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Feel free to contact our Team of Regulatory lawyers who specialize in all the above-described matters related to Fraud Law and misconduct of law in all parts of London namely Hounslow, Uxbridge, Ealing, Kingston, Sutton, Harrow, Wood Green, Leyton, West End, Knights Bridge, Croydon, Bromley, Greenwich, Poplar, Ilford, Romford, Redbridge, Westminster, Brent, Islington, Havering, Barnet, Enfield, Wandsworth, Southwark, Barking and Dagenham, Bexley, Newham, Lewisham, Camden, Barnet, Havering, Merton, Hammersmith and Fulham, Hillingdon, etc.

Fraud Law Solicitors

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Intellectual Property Rights Solicitors

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) is something which the creator of any specific type of property like words, brand names, inventions, phrases, symbols, designs etc are provided. All these types of properties that could be intellectually related to the business, brands or any inventions which if are used by someone else could create troubles for the creator or the owner. So to protect that issue of re-using of the Intellectual Properties by anyone else, there are the supportive laws made by the Government that hence provide up to the designated owners of IP the right by which they can impose up to the possession on their such kind of properties to other people.

This hence prevents up the hassle and the fraud actions which could be either performed like for example: What if any brand name Nasty is created and owned by some manufacturing company and some other company to uses up the same name? This would create up the troubles among the growth of that company and many other issues.

Registering Intellectual Property

Now to register up to the Intellectual Property as your’s so that nobody else could use up that property for their beneficial purposes there are some legal traits that are required to be followed. All the different types of rights and legal supports that could help you own some kind of Intellectual Property are discussed below, just go and read them up!


Such type of right granted by the government to an inventor or the owner of the Intellectual Property to exclude every other person, authority from making or using up your invention by anyway. This right is only applicable for some limited period of time.


If your work is original and is made by you only either not copied or cloned in any way then this right is something that helps you to protect your work from being utilized by anyone else for their own profit. This means that your work cannot be copy/pasted and used as such by anyone and you could remain safe to get the fullest potential of your work!

Industrial Design Rights

If the Intellectual Property that you have created by your own is any design, shape or visual pattern then to register that up for protecting it being reused by anyone, you will need this legal right. Your design could be a figure that could represent your manufactured things, your brand, your company etc hence if someone would misuse it for their beneficial purposes then you could leave up struggling somehow. So, to prevent all that future inflicts and issues this right is guaranteed to the owner of the design, shape etc.


This is a unique recognized sign used by the different traders all around the world that actually helps up to distinguish the particular traders trading similar kind of products. If this is not registered to the traders then there could be a huge conflict that may arise among the various manufacturers trading similar products.

All these rights and laws are confined to be used at large scales only but although if you are making something by your own and you wish to prevent that being used by anyone else then you can also go for the registration of rights in according to your needs. Government authorities sectioned for the protection of these rights work hard for their purpose and in case if you find up your property being used or cloned by anyone else for their beneficial properties then you can immediately contact the police. You shall be further helped regarding your case and the victim shall be granted penalties or the punishments!

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Please feel free to contact our Team of Regulatory lawyers who specialize in all the above-described matters related to the Intellectual Property Rights.

Intellectual Property Rights

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Investment Fraud Solicitors In London

Investment Fraud Solicitors – Investment is something that we all people do most of the times in our life, we invest in banks, on lands, schemes, etc. thinking about the chance to get up the benefits out of that investments. This is something like you invest money on something and then get your pulses always running to know whether if you have got up the profit or your luck hasn’t gone positive this time.

There are types of schemes made by either the private or the government authorities that do attract a lot’s of investors and then put up the kind of game in which they state that not all the investors could get up the profits but some could also get up their money thrown away into other hands as per the scheme, so this thing preferably feels more like fraud that is openly done and even supported by the people.

Some frauds could be done in the government authorities also if you are not dealing properly and attentively with their scheme related interactions although this is the very rare case that you could be slammed down with frauds and you lose your investment in government authorities. Investments that could be made in any ways like while buying any land, property, etc. all can have the risk that you would lose your whole money just because of the corrupted mind dealers or the authorities.

Things that could force you down to get into the Investment Fraud traps:

  • If you give your bank/personal details to any less known or unverified dealing authorities/companies for any of your investments or related financial interactions, then there are chances that you could lose your money in some ways.
  • Never agree to the offers or any deals just straight away whenever any client tells you about that. You should take care that even if you know up the person then also you should go for verification of all the deals and get up the legal advice too for the same.
  • Don’t just go blindly with any of the companies and start believing them just by the testimonials that they show to you, try to find up the solid evidence for the company or the authority. If you could go with the companies blindly then afterward you could face up the problems, and your invested money would also get stolen by the fraud.
  • Never invest money on any unknown websites like business related websites, social websites or any other website. Try to check out whether the website you are going to invest your money isn’t any hacked or cloned version of the same official website you was going to work on. Also, check for any case of phishing techniques used by the sites like these all could be done to gain details about your credit card details, etc.

Investing is something that could not be ignored as it is the major part of our life as is defined in the world but still you can protect yourself from the investment frauds by knowing up some major things about the way of investing and the art of inspection that all could protect and make you assure of the fact that you would remain safe for all the times with your investments.

In any case, if you find up the reason to stand up against any fraud case then for your support to fight against that the government is always ready. Through the helpline contacts like the website “” you can always get up the support for fighting legally against the investment frauds, and you shall get up the legal authorities act for your case actively.

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Investment Fraud



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