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Confiscation proceedings initiate when the government seizes or forcefully take up the possession or the charge of any property/something through the legal methods. In simple words when government takes away the right of something from any authority or an individual through the legal process for some reason is called as confiscation. For more information please contact our confiscation solicitors at 02088633666.

Where does the Law governing Confiscation apply?

For attaining the proceeds of the criminal conduct the confiscation is required by the government or the authorities for further examination of the case. This is as such under the Proceeds of crime Act 2002 (PoCA) and following the legal ways in according to the act any proceeds which could be any material, place etc could be confiscated for such limit until the whole examining of the case is done fully. Click here to speak to our Confiscation Solicitors for more details.

Is the PoCA or the Confiscation acts needs to be updated?

The Poca and the other related acts provide up the legal access to the authorities to capture any crime-related proceeds or the materials but these laws are known widely for being difficult to be applied in some of the areas. Below are the areas where the confiscation is almost difficult to apply:

  •  The complexity, unwieldy nature of the PoCA systematic plans or the procedures must be considered by the courts because these are totally non-transparent and also could cause up the protracted litigation around the making of the orders by the court.
  • There is a considerable inefficiency inside the enforcement processes, the lack of the discretion available to these agencies and also the court following the orders is there once these are been made. The law, in other words, is clearly complex to understand and this is still alike even after the detailed consideration by the Supreme Court in 2012.
  • The drastically small amount of total monies ordered to be paid by the confiscation orders has been collected till now and according to the National Audit Office figures, there is an outstanding amount of debt by the unpaid confiscation orders.

Apart from these all there are so many other things which the PoCA and the confiscation law are reformed of and because of that, there is a greater need to update and amend up these laws and the acts.

The confiscation should have the very sharp focused purpose of stripping away the wrongfully acquired assets from the criminal convictions and all that should be then applied and conducted in the court by the practitioners. Although this isn’t like that till now but we could only hope for the further changes made for the same.

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