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Imprisonment is traumatic for both the prisoner and the people who share a bond of love and affection with that prisoner. The Prison sentences may vary from a few months to a life sentence depending on the extent and seriousness of the offence committed. There are certain rights and privileges given by law to the prisoner whether serving a short or long sentence. While in the prison, one must not be deprived of his human rights. Thus, it is of utmost importance to safeguard the interest for which the experts are needed. MB Law Ltd Solicitors provide specialized Prison Law Solicitors with hands-on experience to deal with these situations.

Criminal in prison

The sense of separation disheartens everyone. Whatsoever may be the reason of the sentence, being aware that there is a firm of proficient and specialist solicitors which will dedicate themselves to guard your interest and keep a hope alive. While being represented by us, we ensure that our client is treated well and no harm is done physically or mentally. Our solicitors carry proficiency in these matters such as Police Misconduct, Mental Health, and Discrimination Law which extends to challenging the policies which are inappropriate, unlawful or discriminatory. We work with the sole motive to protect our clients’ interest.

In the case of breach of any of the human rights, our solicitors will not only advise and represent but will also bring compensation claims against the prison authorities involved by devoting them to bring out the best possible results. We are known for our service and dedication and for the results we have been bringing to our clients from many years. So if you have your loved ones facing any kind of violation of Human Rights in the prison or you face any discrimination, get in touch with us and let us cut off the anxiety and stress and give you the best of what should get.

The services we provide you with:

Parole Review

For getting a best chance of being released from prison, one has to have a strong case. Application for Parole is generally rejected either because the case is not well presented or people don’t have anyone to present their case well. This makes it necessary to have the experts hold your back and provide all the required support and guidance at each step.

MB Law’s prison law team ensures that the prisoner is represented in such a way that the chances of getting favorable outcome are increased.

Our experts are having plentiful experience and knowledge of drafting written representations and, if the case goes to an Oral Hearing, we will be there to turn the case in favor of the client.

Legal AID may be available depending upon your financial situation. But if you are not eligible for it, we provide our services at very affordable fees.


Adjudication is a disciplinary hearing which takes place within a prison in case the prisoner is alleged with the breach of prison rules. The level and type of hearing depends upon the degree of contravention of prison rule. The hearings are held in front of a Prison Governor or before a District Judge.

If the allegation is proved to be true then the sentence of prisoner may be extended. But if you have experts like us representing your loved ones, we ensure that there is no unfair penalization. We provide our client with proper advice over the process of adjudication as to whether it has been carried out properly. Our solicitor will represent the prisoner at any adjudication and will present the case to the District Judge.

IPP and Extended Sentences

There has been increase in the number of people receiving the IPP Sentences over the years. Our specialist solicitors will provide you with the best assistance by representing you or the loved one before the tariff has expired.

Licence Recall and Conditions

Any prisoner released from the prison has to abide by the licence conditions. Breach of any condition could result in ending the prisoner back into the custody. The decision to recall is made by the Parole Board. Our solicitors provide you with the assistance from the moment you have been notified about the recall till you are taken to the police station. No matter the recall is disputed or not, we are there to provide you with full representation and trying and securing your re-release.  

Home Detention Curfew Appeals

Prisoners may be eligible for an early release on Home Detention Curfew ‘HDC’. Any prisoner released early on HDC will subject to a curfew which will require them to be electronically tagged and monitored for a minimum of nine hours daily.

Get in touch with us for best advice and representation. Our solicitors will take notice of the relevant dates and all the information needed by the Governor to consider it for granting the early release.

Sentence Planning/Progression/Calculation

Prisoners receive a release notification slip on arriving to the prison. This slip contains the details about the date they will be released. It happens at various times that the release date is calculated incorrectly which result in serving more time at prison than the prisoner should actually serve.

The prisoner has the right to challenge it if he believes that his sentence has been calculated incorrectly. The prisoner is also entitled to legal representation under legal aid. If you or a loved one believes that his sentence has been calculated incorrectly, contact us and we will examine it for you.

Prison Transfers

There may be circumstances where the prisoner might desire to move to some other prison. The reason for this might be for getting closer to their family, for their safety or for pursuing any of the courses.

It can be very hard to get a transfer on your own, especially in the case where you desire to move to some other part of the country. Our solicitors can help you identifying a alternate prison and coordinating with the Allocation Office and other authorities to secure a transfer for you.

Judicial Review

There may be circumstances where the decisions made by Government departments such as the Parole Board, Secretary of State and Her Majesty's Prison Service may be unlawful or inappropriate or unacceptable. Usually, the prisoners feel that there is no other option except to accept the decision taken by the Government Departments. We at MB Law Ltd have a highly experienced team for this. You will be provided with an advice regarding decisions and regard the possibility of challenging the decisions. Contact us, if you or dearer one are not satisfied with the decisions that have been made.

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