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MB Law Ltd Solicitors have successfully defended a client charged with serious charges of sexual assault. The case was heard at Isleworth Crown Court and because of the effective preparation and representation, MB Law successfully defended the client.


MB Law Solicitors have recently been instructed for a complex and voluminous case of multi-million fraud and money laundering. The client is facing the serious allegations of conspiring with three others to do frauds which are believed to be perpetrated by members of the international criminal organisation. The fraud is said to be linked with third parties and has been spread across 17 different countries globally. Extensive documentary evidence and numerous discs have been served alleging the client to be the main suspect of advance fee fraud.


MB Law Solicitors have successfully defended the client charged with the offence of Attempted murder. There were two suspects in the case one of which was being represented by MB Law Ltd Solicitors. The matter was highly complex but with our meticulous preparations and representations, we were able to secure the favourable results. The client got acquitted of the charges from the Central Criminal Court whilst the other suspect was given a rigorous imprisonment of 20 years. There are numerous other matters of similar nature where MB Law have been successful in achieving the favourable results for the clients.


MB Law Solicitors have recently been instructed for high-value matter of conspiracy to defraud. The matter concerned an organised Crime Group who, within a window of 5 days, travelled the length and breadth of the United Kingdom making purchases at Apple Stores using the compromised bank account details of one the UK's prominent bank's customers through a mechanism called ‘Apple Pay’. Apple Pay was launched in the UK on July 14th, 2015. APPLEPAY is similar to contactless payment offered by most banks, a facility which allows the customer to pay for a product/s by 'tapping' a payment card against a terminal to complete the transaction.

Our client has been alleged to be the prime member of this crime group. The anticipated value of the fraud is over a million pounds. Extensive paperwork and digital evidence have been served. The client has pleaded not guilty and has instructed MB Law Solicitors to represent him in this matter of high-value fraud.


Other Cases


The case involved a human trafficking organization to make profits of over three million pounds. The case consisted of a number of co-defendants and involved a criminal enterprise on a commercial basis. Allegations were made of a significant operation of prostitution and females were being trafficked into the UK from foreign countries. A basis of plea was argued in Court and full submissions were enforced to the Crown. The submissions were followed in Court which resulted in a significant reduction in sentence.


The case involves a multi-handler operation of an allegation of the conspiracy of possession and importation Class A drugs of over 20kg and possessing the criminal property of over £100,000 cash. Case is ongoing.


Case consisted of a multi-million chargeback bank fraud and involved more than 17 defendants who were divided into multiple trials. Sentence submissions were accepted in Court and was argued to the Crown which resulted in a significant reduction of sentence.


The case involves a complex bank fraud in which bank employees and staff members have been compromised. The case consists of a multi-million-pound bank fraud and as it currently stands it’s a 6 handler case which is still ongoing.



The case involved an all allegation of suspicion of conspiracy to commit fraud and money laundering. Our client was arrested on the allegation of outsourcing monies into and out of the UK to foreign countries. The case was concluded at the Police station offering No Further Action after legal representation was made to the instructed officers and reviewing lawyers in the case.


Conspiracy to assist/defraud Board agency from European country

R V C C:

Prosecuted by HMRC at Warwick Crown Court. Importation of Class B drugs in very large quantity. defendant was acquitted.


Importation of large quantity of class B drugs. Under section Custom and Excise, Management Acts 1979.


Prosecuted by UKBA at Isleworth Crown Court, the case of conspiracy to defraud with six co-defendants. This was a large scale multi-handed conspiracy to defraud the secretary of state. The case was concerning false documentation and various sham organization which was used to facilitate the fraud.

Operation Bypass:

The case involved a large number of defendants alleged for smuggling of 24 million cigarettes. It involved the importation of class A & B in very high quantity, over 1.3 tones. Defendants were operating under the ERTS facility as outsource by HMRC. The value of class A & B was estimated over 20 million. The case was made after the long period of surveillance/undercover operation with investigations spanning globally to China, Dubai, Uganda, and Kenya, to name a few.

Operation Gesticulate:

A case was investigated by the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA). It involved syndicate members to assist or facilitate the arrival of the asylum seeker in the United Kingdom and conspiracy to defraud secretary of state. The case also involved a lot of forged travel documents, bank statements showing higher credit balance and forged English language test. Spanish law endorsement agency was also involved in the investigation to provide recordings. A Large quantity of paperwork was served by the prosecution.

Cheat with HMRC:

Case involved defendant who had not paid taxes for a long period of time and VAT was not been paid according to the HMRC’s guidelines. The period involved for nonpayment of tax was over 10 years. It was a very complex matter resulting in induction of forensic accountant. Alleged fraud with HMRC was estimated at over 3 million.


We have successfully defended the case of importation of the large quantity of class B drugs, prosecuted by HMRC at Warwickshire Crown Court. The case went on for around two years. Defence advised the defendant not to give evidence during the trial. Defendant accepted the defence advice, which resulted in acquittal. The prosecution asked for a retrial, but no evidence offer in the event of the defendant, not inclined to give evidence.




This case consisted of an importation of a Class A drugs from India. The case followed through to trial and extensive legal submissions were directed to the Crown and Court. This resulted in a hung jury and a further re-trial was ordered. After further representations and submissions at the re-trial, the Crown resulted in offering no evidence.


This case is a five handler case and consists of smuggling illegal immigrants into the UK. The charges follow an investigation by the Eastern Region Special Operations Unit (ERSOU). A total of 16 Albanian nationals were detained and deported as part of the investigation. The Case is still ongoing.

R  V  P.E: Conspiracy to supply class A drugs with the very large quantity of drugs.

R  V  CS:  Conspiracy of Importation of large quantity of class A drugs.

R  V  FO: Importation of large quantity of Class A drugs.

R  V  JDB: Possessions with intent to supply class A drugs, found not guilty intent to supply.

R  V  AA: Possession with intent to supply class A

R  V  PA: Multiple Counts of Possession with the intention to supply Class B.

R  V-LB: Case of witness intimidation/Juror, the client was acquitted.

R  V  R. D: Possession with intent to supply class A drugs as a drug dealer.

R  V  OO: Case of quitting high quantity of importation of class A drugs, Under section Custom and excise Management act 1979.

R  V  J. L. M: Case of Concerned in the fraudulent evasion of a prohibition on the importation of a class A drugs. Under section Custom and excise Management acts 1979.


R-V- P M

The case involved an allegation of a series of burglaries in a dwelling. This was a complex matter which was listed for trial. In brief, at trial, it was noted that the DNA results were mixed substances and therefore there was no case to answer. The Jury directed a verdict of not guilty and the defendant was acquitted.

R  V  CO:

The allegation of burglary found not guilty.

R  V  NE:

Five counts of armed (gun point) robbery.

R  V  KB:

The allegation of assault in a detention center.

R  V  SK:

Possession of prohibited weapon under Firearms Acts 1968.

R  V  A.N:

 The case of possession of the criminal property as a lot of IT items found.

R  V  SMD:

 It was an extradition matter in which def was wanted on European Union warrant for attempted Murder and armed robbery.



We have successfully defended the case of a serious allegation of rape against the defendant. A full trial was listed and Jury subsequently was sworn in. Defence submissions were put forward to the Crown Prosecution Service and a pro-active defence was enforced in Crown Court. The Conclusion of the case at trial was that the Defendant was found not guilty of rape.


We have successfully defended an allegation that the defendant abducted a child under 16 years out of the UK without consent. The case was listed for full trial and after in-depth submissions, in Court, the Prosecution offered no evidence and the defendant was acquitted.


The case involved a serious allegation Domestic violence. It was alleged that the defendant caused severe injuries to his ex-girlfriend. During the case, we provided submissions of dismissal of the case. Subsequently, the Prosecution offered no evidence and did not wish to prosecute the defendant.

R-V- D W

The case involved a number of defendants alleged to have caused GBH. This was a very complex matter due to the forensic evidence needed to be evaluated and reviewed. The case was listed for full trial and a pro-active legal defence was enforced in Court following extensive submissions. The jury found the defendants not guilty at trial.

R-V- S A

The case involved a number of defendants alleged to have caused GBH. This was a very complex matter due to the forensic evidence needed to be evaluated and reviewed. The case was listed for full trial and the jury found the defendants not guilty at trial.


The case involved allegations of rape and possession of imitation firearms.

R  V  G. G:

It was a case of serious sexual offence with much complex legal/ forensic issues.

R  V  H. S:

 The case of serious sexual offence.

R  V  R.G:

 The case of the domestic sexual allegation ended up with the not guilty verdict.



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