No pain for bail

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No pain for bail


The legal representatives at MB Law Ltd have been very efficient with my ongoing case and have provided a superb level of legal advice. I am the only defendant in the case who has been granted bail and this is due to the superb efforts made by the Criminal defence team at Mb Law Ltd, where bail was granted by the Central Criminal Court (Old Bailey). I feel as though I am in safe hands with Mb Law Ltd.

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Totally peace of mind

(R-V-O Z):

I have trusted MB Law Ltd since the beginning of my case and felt as though I was in safe hands. I feel as though I have been provided the best legal advice and was guided throughout my case up until trial. Mb Law Ltd legal representatives were very helpful when I had certain queries and I would certainly recommend Mb Law Ltd to anyone.

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Specialist Sexual Offence Lawyer in London


MB Law Ltd Solicitors has been a positive guide for my case and this has been a life-changing event in my life. The legal representatives at Mb Law Ltd provided me a superb guide to my case and explained the formalities and legal procedure in depth to me. I am pleased to have instructed Mb Law Ltd and a positive result was achieved by my Solicitors.

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Top Solicitors in London

Top Solicitors in London – (R-V- P M):

I found everyone within the company very helpful and are exceptional with the legal service provided. Mb Law Ltd is outstanding to how they have dealt my case and have provided an excellent result.



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